Here at Northeast Flooring Solutions, we take pride in knowing our customers return to us for all of their flooring needs. Specializing in every aspect of the industry, we make it easy for our customers to achieve their goals via our "One Stop."

Our services continue with hardwood, luxury vinyl, carpeting, ceramic, granite, marble, rubber, as well as waterproofing, floor preparation and demolition. We carry all the major manufacturers offering a comprehensive line of fashionable, high-quality products in a range of colors, textures, and finishes. "Specialty Contractor" mentality, we want to be you flooring contractor for life!

Also, we own two industrail floor scrapers, a Hurricane and a Cyclone. These are the most remarkable flooring removal tools available in the industry today. Whether you are removing carpet, VCT, ceramic, wood or thick epoxy coatings, there is not much that these machines will not handle with speed and efficiency. Along with out shot-blasting equipment, you can be assured that your new floor will look great and last for years.

Estimating Department:

While some estimators are still resistant to change, the shift from paper plans to digitized plans is inevitable. Over the years, technology has changed practically every business including construction. In keeping pace with new business demands and technology, On Center Software provides estimators with tools to make them faster, more accurate, and more organized. And Northeast Flooring Solutions has it!

The transition from preparing bids by hand to creating digitized takeoffs is simple, but more importantly, this transition is necessary to stay competitive. We use the On Center software tool called, On-Screen Takeoff® which is a tool we use during construction estimating. As a general contractor, you need tools that can help you estimate everything efficiently. Whether you are working on new construction or remodels, On-Screen Takeoff® can help you quickly and accurately estimate and prepare your next bid.

By doing away with the manual takeoff process and automating all of your calculations, On-Screen Takeoff® can help you drastically reduce missed items and miscalculations. Everyone knows that these two mistakes can be very costly and bite into your profits.

Do you need a faster, more reliable way to estimate how much tile, laminate, and carpet you need?

Although everyone knows Area = Length * Width, this formula does not help much when determining round or irregular shaped areas. In the past, many flooring contractors either relied on complex Trig functions or used a set of multipliers to round off the area. The drawbacks to these two processes were long calculations and decreased accuracy (respectively). Even if the contractor knew the area of an irregular shaped room, it would still become difficult to accurately estimate needed material, especially in the case of tile. Irregular area shapes generally equate to using more tiles. A rectangular room of 500 sq. ft. may only need 500 single sq. ft. tiles. However, a 500 sq. ft. irregular shaped room or an area that has tiles rotated 45 degrees, may easy take 550 to 600 single sq. ft. tiles.

On-Screen Takeoff® cleverly addresses these issues by not only calculating takeoffs in a fraction of the time, but does it with greater precision than ever before. With a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can quickly draw an area on the screen and be given the square footage, linear footage, and tile count. What makes this application even better, is the ability to display the tile grid. This grid capability allows you to rotate and position the tiles plus account for grout width while accurately displaying the exact number of tiles within an area.

Whether you're laying carpet, vinyl, VCT, or marble, On-Screen Takeoff® calculates what you need quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

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Northeast Flooring Solutions has the experience and capability to make your project something that you will be proud of!!!

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