Shot Blasting

describe the image Shot blasting is an excellent choice for floor preparation, particularly when the substrate is heavily or deeply contaminated or has failing or inappropriate coatings for the intended service. Shot blasting also increases the surface area for the new poured floor or adhesive for a much stronger bond. This is a one step process, fully contained in the equipment, whereby "shot" is hurled at the concrete to break small surface particles free, and then the blast media and contaminants are separated for reuse of the media and disposal of debris.

describe the image The left side of the picture to the left depicts contaminated concrete. The right side depicts concrete that has just been shot blasted. We can subcontract our shot blasting direct to your company. At Northeast Flooring, shot blasting is the preferred method and the one we choose when preparing our substrates. It is automatically included in every epoxy or MMA flooring installation that we complete. If you are in need of more information, please feel free to call us.

Diamatic Scraping and Edge Grinding

Diamatic grinders are used for a wide range of surface preparation: concrete cleaning, flattening and smoothing concrete surfaces, leveling out high spots, removing coating, mastics, epoxies, urethane, adhesive residues, paint, surface preparation for coatings, and polishing concrete and natural stone. Using mechanical scraping machines instead of hand scrapers, jack hammers, or chisels provides increased productivity and significantly reduces the risk of damaging your substrate.

Floor Scraping and Rip Out

Northeast Flooring Solutions owns two (2) industrial floor scrapers, a propane-powered Hurricane, and a battery-powered Cyclone. These are the most remarkable flooring removal tools available in the industry today. Whether you are removing carpet, VCT, ceramic, wood or thick epoxy coatings, there is not much that this machine will not handle with speed and efficiency. The battery powered Cyclone was developed to meet the strict demands of today's contractor. The Cyclone offers all of the power and production of a propane-powered machine, yet it runs quieter with zero emissions and fumes.

These pieces of equipment will help us keep your project on schedule. We also can rent the equipment out daily or weekly. These machines will save you money on your removal cost because it will make you more efficient and lessen your estimated man-hours substantially over other removal methods.

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