This is a great alternative for homeowners & businesses that can’t afford marble or granite floors, but want the same mirror like finish. One main reason why people choose polished concrete over any other floor is the low maintenance cost as it only requires an occasional damp mop. Polished concrete is not only striking to the eye but is tough enough to resist scuff marks and tire marks. If you or your business is environmentally friendly polished concrete is a tremendous choice since it contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) assisting you in meeting your goals of going green. Taking into account that there is no coatings applied such as, epoxies, urethanes, or waxes there will be no hazardous waste to be disposed of.

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How to Polish Concrete

Mechanical grinders with diamonds that increase in grit size are used to accomplish the vision you are looking for. The diamond grits range from 6 grit and go up to 3000 grit, however concrete is only able to maintain a shine of about 800 grit. By adding a concrete hardener such as sodium silicate or lithium silicate will allow the concrete to hold an 1800 – 3000 grit shine. The process to accomplish a hard-glassy finish consists of making multiple passes over the concrete using diamond grits in a sequential order.

Where to Use

This can be used in any enviroment / setting such as, Hospitals, Restaurants, office buildings, hotels, schools, or any other public facilities that want an exquisite appearance. Because of its unique look and highly durable surface polished concrete is an elite finish for both residences and commercial facilities.

Benefits of Dry Polish Concrete Process

There are two types of polishing concrete, wet & dry. Wet grinding involves having a water source available and also leaves a mess behind that must be picked up and disposed of. Dry polishing is a much cleaner and efficient way of obtaining the goal of the customer as well as alleviate any down time for the facility that is being served. A HEPA filtration vacuum system is used during the dry polishing process which collects 98% of all airborne particles.

Cleaning Polished Concrete

With just a damp mop polished concrete should hold its luster for years. At some point the shine will dull and it will need to be repolished, however this is more common in high-traffic areas. The shine of the floor can be brought back by buffing the floor with a commercial polishing compound, if more is needed a fine-grit abrasive can be used to restore the glistening.

Before & After

Diamond Polished

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